Introduction & Prices

At Tyre & Wheel Co. customer satisfaction is our highest priority and there is always a member of the family ready to answer any of your queries in a friendly and courteous manner.

As part of our commitment to customer service Tyre & Wheel Co. promise that before any work is carried out a detailed printed estimate will be provided. If any additional problems are uncovered we will promptly notify you before carrying out the work.

Our relationship with UNIPART ensures that quality parts are used, of equivalent quality to those originally fitted by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

UNIPART Nationwide Guarantee

In the unlikely event of a replaced part failing due to incorrect fitment or the part itself being faulty, we offer free parts and replacement within 12 months or 12000 miles commencing from the date of original fitment, which ever is earlier.

This can be carried out either by us or any participating UNIPART Car Care Centre throughout the UK, each of which has agreed to offer the same gaurantee.

Tyre & Wheel Co. Price List


from 82.50

Labour (per hour)

from 55.00

Prices exclude VAT and may vary, so please call us for an exact price quote.

Tyre & Wheel Co. accepts the following payment methods:


Credit Cards


As part of our service, Tyre & Wheel Co. offers a free brake check. This check lasts approximately half an hour or so and is therefore not available without a booking.

The brakes are checked for wear, condition, performance and leakage. A hygroscopic test checks the boiling point of the brake fluid. The brakes are checked visually with the aid of measuring instruments for condition.

Together with UNIPART, Tyre & Wheel Co. will endeavour to make your car's brakes as safe as possible.

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Tyre & Wheel Co. only stock and fit a premium range of car batteries. However, economy batteries can be ordered and made available in an hour or so.

We sell UNIPART high end batteries, carrying 3 year or life-time guarantees, depending on the model.

These batteries are available in various sizes for a wide range of vehicles.

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A defective exhaust system can not only hinder the performance of a vehicle, by decreasing its power output and increasing its fuel consumption. It can also allow highly dangerous toxic Carbon Monoxide fumes, which are colourless and odourless, in to the passenger compartment which can render the occupent unconscious.

Tyre & Wheel Co. can check your exhaust system and advise on the best course of action to take. We can fit exhausts for most vehicles once the part has been ordered and delivered. This normally takes about an hour.

All our exhausts carry a two year guarantee and are supplied at competitive prices. we can also supply and fit catalytic convertors.

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The suspension system is vital for road handling and braking.

Tyre & Wheel Co. checks the suspension as part of a full service. This check consists of testing the shock absorbers, springs and linkages for signs of damage and leakage, as well as performance.

Tyre & Wheel Co. uses quality parts suppled by UNIPART, which are covered by the Nationwide guarantee.

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Timing Belt

The timing belt, which is also known as the cambelt or toothed belt, is a very important part of the engine. It enables the valves to open and close in time with the pistons which is critical to the running of the engine.

A broken belt can allow the pistons to continue travelling up whilest the valves are down thus causing major damage to the engine. the recommended life of a timing belt differs from engine to engine and affects both petrol and diesel engines.

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Tyre & Wheel Co. run a fast fit tyre service with most makes and sizes available from stock. All tyre prices quoted include valves and a computerised balancing service.

If we don't have your tyre in stock we can order it. Sometimes within hours or otherwise the next day.


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